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Welcome to SORTED! The podcast where we go behind the scenes of successful small businesses to find out what systems and tools they are using to make them run with ease.

I’m your host, Alice Jennings. A self confessed geek, keen to help small businesses use systems and technology to reduce stress and help them punch above their weight. 


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Who’s on the SORTED podcast?

Of course you will want to know who is featuring on the SORTED! podcast. I’ve been so lucky to be able to interview a great range of business owners, from sales experts to digital marketing consultants, coaches to virtual assistants. Click below to find out more about my lovely guests.

Laura Robinson

Digital Content Strategist Laura shares her brilliant business model plus the various twists and turns her business has taken to get where it is now. 

Catherine Watkin

Catherine is a sales expert and now runs a thriving community providing business support to heart centred business owners. She talks about how systems are critical to getting things done with ease.

Louise Miller

Louise is a productivity expert and ninja Virtual Assistant. We talk about how to get things done in a way that feels good for you as well as how cake can improve productivity!

Holly Worton

Holly is an author and mindset expert and shares her top tips for getting ‘big things’ done in your business. She also talks about how her business has evolved to the place it is now

Helen Reynolds

Helen is an image consultant who helps women to dress in a way that makes them feel fabulous. She shares her top tools for getting clients on board and making sure they have a VIP experience with her.

Guests Wanted

I’m always looking for new guests so if you think you’d be a good fit please do get in touch.

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